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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to get you started on this friday. christina has the latest on your forecast. a long weekend ahead of us. it does look like you can get outside at time this is weekend, especially on sunday. but the rainy pattern continues. we'll show you where showers are coming down right now. mostly seeing a steady stream here in san jose moving through the central valley. heading throughout the afternoon showers will turn spotty, but it looks like this sky digging south is going to come back up a little bit heading throughout the afternoon. we are not going to see a dry day even in places where it is dry right now, the north bay and the peninsula, more rain on the way today. make sure to grab the umbrella on the way out the front door. we'll talk about when the clearing is expected and how long that will last coming up. we'll check the drive now, slick conditions out there. how are we looking, mike? the south bay is getting hit with the rain. my sensors are looking kind of weird. the traffic is still light, 280 and 101 shouldn't see anything
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below the speed limit, but mount hamilton is closed. near saratoga we have had issues. a tree is down in the roadway. it sounds like wires are down as well. highway 9 is closed here outside of saratoga, specifically between sandborn road and pierce road. meanwhile, here's a live look out at oakland. we have an accident right by the coliseum in the northbound side. i don't see the car off the roadway, but slick conditions continue there. they may have played a part in that. we'll follow this and go back to you guys. meantime, president obama is getting ready to leave the bay area this morning. >> he had a short stay but he met with the high-tech giants. we'll go to bob redell who is live with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and brent. a very short stay. the president arrived yesterday evening to sfo for the meeting last night. and he'll be taking off this morning, perhaps around 8:30,
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which could wreak havoc if you are traveling up and down near sfo. anyway, he's staying on the weston here. it is so close you can see air force one from the hotel. what was unusual about the presidential visit was that mr. obama was not here for a fund-raiser, yet the business people he met are major donors to the democratic party. the heart of the visit was not to collect a check but to collect the thoughts of facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg. he met with the president last night at the woodside home of john dorr. a dozen or so other big wigs were in the meeting. the leaders of google, cisco, netflix and twitter among others were there. they dined with the president for two hours to discuss how to create jobs in the country and how to better innovate products in this country. the president has been trying to reach out to the business
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community. you may recall a couple weeks ago he met with the chamber of commerce in washington, d.c. not exactly friendly territory for a president. out here on the west coast and in the silicon valley he is very popular, especially in the tech industry. so there he was last night trying to promote jobs, trying to solve them on the $3.7 trillion budget he just announced this week. and in return of presumably trying to promise them condition that is would make it easier for business in terms of lower corporate taxes, making it easier to get patent approval, that sort of thing. there you have it. the president now is leaving on air force one in about 3 1/2 hours. reporting life outside sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." with more on the president's schedule now we go to christie smith. >> reporter: good morning to you. president obama waking up in the bay area this morning, not to repeat bob, but he is staying in mill bray after a huge night talking about job innovation and
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education. he touched down last night just after 5:00 p.m. at sfo yesterday. he was greeted by mayor ed lee, lieutenant governor newsom and kamala harris. the president again spent the night at the milbray weston. air force one is expected to leave sfo by 8:30 this morning. from there it is off to oregon where he'll pay a visit to chip maker intel and its ceo. he may have a little bit tougher audience there than here in the bay area. that ceo is quoted as saying that obama had a tough time creating jobs, so it should be interesting to see how that goes. he is expected to leave sfo about 8:30 this morning. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the
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bay." thank you. meantime, pg&e is raising the cost of dealing with the san bruno explosion. and you can end up paying the bill. it says that it is likely going to spend between $200 and $300 million this year on investigations linked to the deadly blast. the company is also setting aside hundreds of millions of dollars to deal with lawsuits from last victims. pg&e says most of the money is spent on lawsuits and should be covered by insurance. however, utility's cfo hinted the company may ask the state to let them pass some of the other costs onto the consumer. a new report says pg&e smart leaders are four times more powerful than initially predicted. sage and associates is accusing the utility of misleading the public in breaking safety limits in homes. the wireless smart meters work like cell antennas which could cause exposure to radiation. we should point out the consultant group appears to be
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backed by the environmental health coalition which is a nonprofit group that has been a vocal opponent to smart meters for months. pg&e has consistently said its smart meters do not pose a health risk. a woman let off after admitting to stealing drugs from the san francisco police lab is still not in the clear. 60-year-old defensiveback debra madden is scheduled to be in court at 9:00 this morning. the former lab technician still faces a drug possession charge. in march police say they found .09 grams of cocaine during a search of madden's san mateo home. she pleaded not guilty. another twist in the case against barry bonds could come today in san francisco. just hours from now we'll hear how much of a recording could be used in the perjury trial. the secret recording is a conversation between bonds and his former trainer greg anderson. during the conversation you can hear the men talking about ways to inject steroids. bonds' lawyers have tried to get the recordings banned saying
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their are irrelevant to the case. but this week the judge said she may let prosecutors use the tapes. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he said he never knowingly used steroids. chuck reed says city workers need to make sacrifices, especially police and firefighters. the major says the city simply cannot make enough money to cover the skyrocketing costs of pensions. >> no one wants to lay off police officers or firefighters, but it will take significant concessions to avoid layoffs. let me emphasize, there's no more money. the well is dry. >> mayor reed is calling for major pension reform including increasing the age for full retirement and eliminating guaranteed increases in pension benefits and bonus payments to retirees. he's also asking them to make 10% cuts in salary payments.
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of course, all of these remarks were made during his state of the city address last night. it is 5:07 right now. the final touches are taking place today for floats in san francisco's chinese bill yard parade. tens of thousands of people will show up to chinatown tomorrow night to celebrate the year of the rabbit. the floats will be part of the largest chinese new year parade outside of mainland china. over 100 floats with participate. the parade has been a tradition in san francisco since just after the gold rush. rain is not unusual on parade night but it never keeps folks away. simply spectacular. >> you don't want it to rain on their parade. no. >> that's right, but it doesn't keep us away. we are not a bunch of wimps here in the bay area, we are tough. a little rain on our parade isn't going to keep anything or anyone down. as we head through tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night we are going to see some rain over that parade. but nothing heavy. in fact, we have seen the heaviest rains come through. we are going to start to see a
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little bit of it easy heading throughout the afternoon. especially in places that got hit the hardest yesterday, which was the south bay. right now we are seeing a little bit of clearing and breaks in the solid line of showers. santa cruz is getting a break from the rain. we are seeing this system slide up to the north. i have been watching it for a while. and it does look like that will be the case. the core of low pressure is well off to our east, but it is dragging this cold front with it. and as it continues to push off to the east it is also headed to the north. as we head throughout the day today i think a little bit of this training rain will come back into the bay area moving northward along the peninsula and bringing more shower activity into the north bay as well. so we are not in the clear just yet. but i do believe that we are going to see much less in terms of accumulation than what we ended up with yesterday. now something that is interesting is the snow that we have picked up over the local mountains, the highest elevations up to two inches. the road to mount hamilton is closed. i think a lot of the snow is going to melt today after breaks of sunshine.
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we'll find out how this weather is impacting your traffic other than the closure due to snow. how are we doing, mike? we are doing really well. i want to outline the south bay with the rain coming down. also we have the chiclets clearing up near 280 and 87. i highlighted the highway 9 closure. and the roads at the peak of mount hamilton are currently closed as is tradition down there when snow appears. the drive is pretty hazardous. we have the closure until 7:00 a.m. we'll watch to see if that burns off. meanwhile, moving to san mateo where i see slowing, it is probably a sensor issue with the overnight rain. we'll sort that out. so far 101 is not seeing any incidents or problems heading out to 92 and the east bay. we want to reiterate the president is staying within milbray. you can see air force once one at sfo. keep that in mind, your morning commute between 8:00 and 9:00
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could be affected by the motorcade traveling through the area. 280 should keep you completely clear of the issue there. the maze and the approach from the east bay are seeing no problems. a wind advisory for the toll plaza. a live look shows it will be dryer and windy crossing the bay. meantime, it is 5:11. republicans and democrats go head-to-head over the federal budget in washington. we'll have a live report from the nation's capital coming up. and a blogger says he has proof that the picture of steve jobs at the hospital was fake. and forget go west. try go east. the big apple is trying to lure one of our local universities to the east coast. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
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finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and actively dries dishes, for a brilliant shine straight from the dishwasher. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard. look at the mass crowd of thousands celebrating in tahrir square this morning. actually, it is afternoon there. these are live pictures where they have hurled out banners, people are chanting, of course with the new regime of
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government the people have been protesting for the last couple of weeks. tens of thousands of people are pouring into the state capital as lawmakers continue to fight over the controversial anti-union bill. that bill would end the half century collective bargaining for public workers and cut their benefits. the senators were supposed to vote on the proposal yesterday but no democrats showed up. the vote is expected today. the democrats say the republican-backed bill is extreme and could tear the state apart. the state is battling a $137 million budget gap through the end of june. from sea to shining sea, sanford university could soon go coast to coast. the big apple is asking the city to considering creating an engineering school in new york city. new york does not have a top-ranked applied science and research graduate school and is hoping stanford will fill the vote. 19 universities are in the running for the city's
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engineering school. stanford is up against mit, purdue and cornell. talking about the forecast today, a cold start to the day. a little soggy still. >> a little soggy, a little chilly. and as we see more clearing overnight as we head through the next few nights it will get even colder. so we do have a threat of frost as we head through this weekend. but let's talk about what's happening right here, right now. we have a big line of showers, a steady stream coming into the bay area. mostly the south bay right now is getting hit with rainfall. our daytime highs are going to end up in the low 50s, mid-50s in some cities. we could see more of the isolated thunderstorms pop up heading throughout the afternoon. so you want to stay on guard for that. we'll take a look at what's happening here. it looks like we won't see a lot of easing up for the second half of this day when it comes to our rain showers in the north span along the peninsula. but we'll see breaks of sunshine. this is what's happening. we have a system of low pressure pushing in from the north. another one out here just off to our west. and then as we head throughout
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the day today the system of low pressure will continue to head off to the east. that's dragging the cold front up to the north. so even when the showers are mostly cloming down to the south right now this front will be elevated a little bit heading throughout the afternoon. so we are going to see on and off spotty showers throughout the day today. enough instability for the pop-up thunderstorms. then a little bit of clearing as we head through tonight to make for a cold night. saturday looks a little on the rainy side. not that bad. sunday is your day to get up to the sierra nevada to hit lake tahoe. i think that will be the best day. mostly sunny scans. conditions. then another round of rain sunday night. the wet pattern continues. we'll break it down with you when it comes to your extended forecast. right now we'll send it paing to you. former governor arnold schwarzeneggers muscles will soon be cast in bronze. >> he signed off on the nine-foot statue showing him flexing during his body building
5:18 am
career. he just came back from northern idaho where he offered a few hints. the model will be cast if bronze. schwarzenegger's statue will be put outside his home in australia. it is just not human-like. the artist is also working on a sculpture to show him during his time as governor. >> that will be interesting to see the two back-to-back there. the time is 5:18. a local retailer is issuing a crib recall this morning. we'll tell you which ones were affected coming up. plus, california gas prices breaking a world record this morning. we'll tell you where to fill up to skip the pain at the pump. and a live look outside this morning. across the golden gate bridge, much less soggy today than yesterday. but it is cold again. we'll update your traffic and weather in just a few more minutes.
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good morning, folks. 5:21 right now. an early start to your friday. things could be light here near highway 4. looking at the sensors, 62 is noted near horizon. there are wet roads and slower
5:22 am
conditions here. keep that in mind. we have puddles and rain out there through the south bay with no major slowing through san jose. the cartinas bridge, things are moving slowly westbound to interstate 880. then looking from the web cam in the sierra, this is interstate 880 with snow on the ground. cars and trucks have gone through the area, but there are chain advisories there. there's a chain advisory for the sierra near interstate 880 and highway 50. keep that in mind. let's go to another live shot of interstate 880 close to home. there's moisture on the roadway. this is in the liquid form. puddles there with water kicking up approaching the toll plaza. still a factor down the east shore freeway and making the bend around the berkeley curve. there are no metering lights here. past the richmond/san rafael binlg, the wind advisory is here in effect for the bay bridge
5:23 am
crossing the bay near san francisco and oakland. keep in mind the gusty conditions continue there. the walnut creek interchange is moving smoothly. then another live look at the traffic flows smoothly heading to the south bay. we talked about snow on mount hamilton closing the road on the right side of the screen there. on the left side we have the issue with the drive through highway 9 closed over there near sanborn and pierce. back to you guys. >> rough news for commuters out there. the price of gas continues to shoot up with the average being $3.50. the highest level ever in february. some parts of the state have seen the price surpass $4 a gallon. political unrest this in the middle east have led to higher gas prices. to help you out we checked for the lowest prices throughout the bay area. the costco is charging $3.29 in
5:24 am
the east bay. the cheapest in the south bay is at moe's stop on mckey row. on the peninsula, try tan gas in redwood city charging $3.37. and the arco in san francisco is charging $3.43. a local retailer is issuing a major recall this morning. ikea is recalling a line of baby cribs because of problems with the bolts that attach the mattress to the frame. the store says the bolts are too short which can cause the mattress to detach and collapse trapping the child inside. there have not been any reports of injuries but if you do have one of the cribs you see on the screen there, contact ikea for a repair kit. we have all heard the rumor floating around by the national inquirer that steve jobs was spotted leaving a bay area hospital. now one blogger says he has proof that the photos are fake. the blog called walklikestevejobs looked at the pics and said the car he got out of belongs to honda civic.
5:25 am
jobs drives a mercedes. and if jobs was in such bad health he wouldn't have had dinner with president obama last night. if the wet weather means you are going to plan to bed in this weekend, we have a couple new movies to tell you about. >> do i know you? >> what's wrong? it's me, your husband. >> don't you know who i am? liam snz niesen plays a doctor unkno unknown. another man has assumed his identity. to get his life and memory back he seeks a cab driver. that is rated pg-13. >> and this stepson witnesses a murder. the two infiltrate to all-girl school to find the killer before
5:26 am
he finds them. "big momma's like father like son" is rated pg-13. >> and "i am number four" is on a hit list because he has special abilities. he has to hardness his powers and form an alliance with others on the list. "i am number four" is rated pg-13. a bay area school district accused of putting kids in classes they are not prepared for. new details in the report coming up. and the east bay gets ready to welcome a new b.a.r.t. station. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'm going to tell you why not all commuters are onboard with this idea coming up. plus, how an irs audit of a bay area company could determine the fate of the entire medical miles per hour industry, marijuana industry. and a live look from the south bay. a little bit dryer today, but we are still not completely out of the woods. we'll update your traffic and weather coming up in a little bit.
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new this morning, one city plans to charge some people for walking their dog or working out in city parks. we'll tell you who could be charged. president obama is waking up in the bay area this morning. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you about the big night with technology leaders, when he's coming back to sfo this morning and where he's going next. plus, two officers learn their fate after the san francisco police video game
5:30 am
scandal. a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge this morning. a cold start to the day. what's in store for the weekend? we'll tell you, it is february 18th, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning, everybody. it is 5:30. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get started with a quick look at the forecast with christina lorp. good morning to you. we'll see sunshine at times today with more rain on the way, but it looks light in nature. none of the yellows or oranges we had on our screen yesterday. it looks like heading throughout the day today we'll continue to see this pretty steady line of showers streaming onshore, but what will happen is it will come to the north a little bit. right now we are getting a break in santa rosa, and same for san francisco. but by 9:00 the showers come to the north to hit san francisco. this will be the case throughout
5:31 am
the day today. light scattered shower activity with clearing just in time for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. we'll check the commute to get you to work on time. finally a friday. finally a little karma as far as the rain goes. there's a look at the san mateo bridge. a live look at the bridge. we see slowing on the speed intd cay or thes but the headlights are coming off the peninsula side. not enough volume to cause any issues. i'm going to say it is the rain playing with the sensors. that's why you have me to clarify the computers. sfo is where president obama is leaving today. between 8:00 and 9:00 we'll see problems on the freeways near sfo and milbray. we'll have more information on that coming up in a live report. here's the approach to the bay bridge from the east bay. there's a wind advisory in effect. back to you guys. we'll go to christie smith has the president is getting ready to leave from the bay area this morning. during his short stay he met with some of silicon valley's most profound faces.
5:32 am
christie smith is live with who he met and what he gleamed from them. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as mike said president obama spent the night there in milbray after a huge night with silicon valley's biggest leaders. then it is back to sfo. he should be on his way here soon where he'll board air force one at 8:30 this morning. from here he is going to hillsboro, oregon, to visit intel. he was greeted with mayor gavin newsom and attorney general kamala harris. from there he went to woodside for two hours. at the table some of silicon valley's biggest names and faces. steve jobs was there with mark zuckerberg and larry ellison obama is here to talk about a number of things, education and
5:33 am
innovation. some names on the list have been big contributors to democrating causes in the past. that's what critics say suggesting the president may be paving his way for the 2012 re-election campaign here. overnight again obama stayed at the weston millbray. today he's meeting with intel's ceo up in oregon. there are reports that he is expected to name him to the counsel on jobs. he'll be returning to washington, d.c. this evening. reporting live at sfo, kristy smith for "today in the bay." the arrest of a contra costa narcotics commanders could have a ripple effect through the justice system and could put offenders back on the street. public defenders are combing through the case of norman welsh
5:34 am
and christopher butler who is now a private investigator. both are expected to make their first quart appearance today. welsh and butler are accused of distributing meth, miles per hour and steroids. there is no word on how many their arrest could affect. the walnut creek man accused of running a red light and killing another driver in san francisco could be in court today. the man was speeding and driving without to license on february 10th when he slammed into a car driven by a 57-year-old pacifica man at the intersection of geary and arguelo. this morning two police officers will start serving year-long suspensions for racist videos. gavin newsom says the series of videos became known as video games. the two found out they would be suspended for a year at a police
5:35 am
commission hearing last night. more than a dozen officers took part in the videos. one of the officers andrew cohen quit the force. a new study shows more students are taking eighth grade algebra but many of them are not ready. the study looked at test scores from almost 70,000 students across the state. the number of students taking algebra one in eighth grade increased 80% between 2003 and 2010. one quarter of the students scored low on the state tests for seventh grade math. and 30% of them were put into algebra i even though they were not ready. low-income schools pushed were kids into algebra i than in middle-income schools. the bay area's largest medical marijuana dispensary may have to soon cough up millions of dollars to the irs. the health center is being audited by the irs. the marijuana facility has locations in oakland and san jose. the east bay location alone serves 70,000 medical miles per
5:36 am
hour users. while medical marijuana is legal in california it remains an illegal drug under federal law. the dispute over tax deductions could end up being decided in the supreme court. professional dog walkers likely have to start paying a fee to stroll through a san francisco park. the city recreation of parks department wants to avoid layoffs and fee hikes by making people pay to do business in city parks. that means professional dog walkers and exercise bootcamp organizers would have to buy a permit to use city parks. the permits could bring in as much as $50,000 a year for the struggling parks department which faces a $3.9 million budget gap. it is the first for b.a.r.t. in eight years. this morning a new station gets ready to open in the east bay. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live in dublin with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yeah, mind me here is that brand new dublin/pleasanton b.a.r.t. station. traffic eastbound 580 is moving
5:37 am
along with no problems this morning. you are looking at the pedestrian walkway that comes to the new b.a.r.t. station connected to the parking structure where we are standing on the other side of 580. this is not open for business today. that happens tomorrow. tomorrow it is all about the ribbon-cutting ceremony. lots of festivities planned including the sound of bag finers bagpipers and showing up the honor guard with b.a.r.t. police at 10:00 this morning. this is b.a.r.t.'s 44th station. as laura mentioned, the first new station to open in eight years. it is just a short walk from stone ridge mall. and b.a.r.t. officials expect it to easy. the traffic congestion along the busy 580/680 corridor should come down. the project just doesn't make sense to many considering the dublin station is less than two miles away.
5:38 am
>> well, i think it is a split political waste of money to build one so close. that is just my opinion. >> verizon is pretty much full any other time. if you are commuting at 9:00, good luck getting a parking spot here. >> reporter: that gentleman is talking about the current 2,800 spaces. the new pleasanton station will be the center of the so-called transit center complete with apartments, stores and hotels. bart bart planners expect 20,000 people to use this station by 2013. this station opens tomorrow but the rib bon cutting happens at so:00 this morning. live in dublin, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> do you know what i took from that, marla? blah, blah, blah, it is a short distance from the mall. >> reporter: i know, right? >> thatta girl. thank you very much. >> cutting to the chase.
5:39 am
and the mall is a great place to be if it is a rainy weekend. >> that's right, see? >> we'll check in on the mall forecast. good morning to you. the mall is always a great place in that case. we are looking good. we'll see rain throughout the weekend, so if you do want to plan activities, i would say saturday is a good day for the movies. sunday if you want to get outside i think you'll be able to do so. mostly sunny skies forecasted. we'll take you through your friday. finally a friday, you made it. we'll get you to work on time and show you where the showers are coming down. right now we have a steady stream of moisture pushing through the bay area. you can see all the green but we don't have the yellows and the reds indicating the moderate and heavy rain we saw yesterday. that's all pushing to the south. now what's going to happen as we head through the next five or six hours is this front comes back up to the north. the futurecast shows you by 9:00 a.m. we are looking to widespread rainfall across the east bay and the peninsula and in the south bay. up through the north bay we are staying dry. at noon widespread rain continues.
5:40 am
it will just be light. it is kind of a pesky shower. a lot of this is going to evaporate before hitting the ground. santa rosa stays mostly dry throughout the day today. then as we head through your saturday, a little bit of shower activity pushing onshore at noon. we'll see a mostly dry morning. and then as we head through the afternoon just the south bay getting wet. so we'll continue to update you on what's happening in the weather world and get you to work on time with mike inouye right now and your traffic. good morning, christina. things have calmed down in the traffic world because they have calmed down in the weather world for right now. livermore, a smooth drive at 13 minutes through dublin and pleasanton. you'll cross under the cool looking overpass marla just showed you. it will be bright lights. you have seen that through a week or so. it won't be a surprise. the getaway out of the area starts at 3:00 p.m. for the slowing. get out early through sacramento downtown. here's a live look at the web cam through highway 50 and myers. just ten minutes ago i saw cars lined up here getting their chains checked and hooked up. so there's the slowing
5:41 am
conditions heading through the south shore. we'll poouf move to antioch with highway 4 close to the limit. no problems until a later start for friday with the backups there. heir here's the maze approach. more live shots coming up in our next report. the beginning of the end. a local teen starts the final season today. plus, what the mommaing a oe is saying about a possible run at the presidency.
5:42 am
5:43 am
a budgetshowdown could happen at the nation's tap toll today. the house of representatives will try to pass the republican budget plan with spending cuts in it. kristen dahlgren is live with what could get the ax. >> reporter: hey, brent. quite a showdown in washington right now. and it could actually end up in a complete government shutdown. it is not just the budget and the spending cuts they are
5:44 am
talking about. it is also the march 4th deadline looming where the government isn't funded past that. and so republicans in the house now are trying to pass the more than $61 billion in cuts to things like funding for health care. there's the debate that raised late into the night past 1:00 a.m. here last night about funding for planned parenthood. republicans want to cut out all funding to planned parenthood. democrats want some slimmer cuts on the table. and there really is a standoff right now where speaker boneer said the house would keep the government going if it were at the current spending level. he said, quote, read my lips, we are going to cut spending. democrats, of course, saying there needs to be some type of compromise in order to keep the government funded past that march 4th deadline. so they were here late into the night and will be back at it in 15 minutes or so in the house. they have more than 100
5:45 am
amendments to this bill to go through. we could see later on today if they have talked about the possibility of going into a saturday session. even if it does pass the house it is likely to see a face-off in the senate as well. back to you. thank you for the update. we are watching what happens there. >> watching the sky for us this morning, christina has a look at when the rain will come down and when we'll get a break. well, laura, i hate to tell you this, we are not going to get much of a break over the course of the weekend. but i think that you'll like today's forecast because the shower activity that we are forecasting for today is much lighter in nature than what we saw to yesterday. and also we are not expecting the widespread thunderstorms we saw yesterday. and without those thunderstorms you don't have to worry about the hail and heavy wind, the heavy downpours. so that's good news. an improvement already shaping up. as we have a pretty dry north bay and along the peninsula, we are staying mostly dry right now, but showers are creeping up from the south. that's the indication that the entire front is moving back up to the north. and for what that means for us
5:46 am
by 9:00 a.m. we are expecting light rainfall from gilroy to san rafael. by 11:00 p.m. finally a good deal of clearing to last through the first part of tomorrow. saturday, by noon, a little bit more rain approaching the coast. i think that we'll see probably mostly showers in the south bay. a nice clear day in the north bay for your saturday. and then sunday everybody's clear. so if you want to make the outdoor plans, sunday looks like the best day to get outside to avoid the pesky showers. and it looks like more rain on the way sunday night. back here monday morning we'll have another rough drive. 55 in san jose today. 53 in almaden valley. isolated thunder is definitely a possibility as we head throughout the afternoon and pick up the daytime heat. but as i said before, not as widespread as we saw yesterday. let's find out how we are doing in the cinequest world. we want the send you to the movies next week. yes, next week, this is the last
5:47 am
day e get to warn you to get you prepared for the secret word to pop up across your screen. at some point next week when you do, log on to and register to win. take a listen to the prizes. they are pretty fabulous. we'll send you to new york to the try beck can film festival, dallas or l.a. major film festivals. we have teamed up with american airlines to get round-trip accommodations, you get to fly there or you can stay right here and have a stay-cation at home. san jose, cinequest, we are giving away two vip packages. off good opportunities to win. this won't be a good weekend for gardening but maybe for the movies, what do you think? >> yes, it should be. a slight sign of progress in the stalled nfl labor disputes. the league and players union have agreed to mediation two
5:48 am
weeks before the collective bargaining agreement expires. the league owners and players meet today in washington with a federal mediator and affiliation conservative director george cohen. the biggest issue is who gets the largest slice of the $9 billion in total revenue. the other issues include an 18-game regular season and a weigh scale for rookies. the openers threatened to impose a lockout effectively shutting the league down. will curry was voted in to the nba skills challenge and will represent the warriors in los angeles. the skills challenge is a timed competition between guards and basic ball-handling skills such as dribbling, passing, jump shots and lay-ups. the challenge is tomorrow in loss angeles. uc burkeley is cutting their
5:49 am
baseball team for budget reasons. the team is coming into their final season ranked 17 nth the country. according to the pre-season polls, that is. the golden bears take on utah at home this afternoon at 1:30. giants spring training is in full swing, but brian wilson missed the second day of practice. big shoes to fill, apparently. the giants say wilson has lower back pain. the official reporting day for the full giants squad is today. they should all be there. the sharks are trying to bring the joy of reading to bay area kids. the team is holding a book drive today at comerica in downtown san jose. from 2:00 to 3:00 logan kutcher will be there to sign autographs. the first 200 people to donate cash or a book will get to meet him.
5:50 am
meanwhile, the sharks are gearing up for three in a row. saturday night's game is against the colorado avalanche. they beat the capitals last night to stay in the playoff race. the western conference is closely packed. the sharks have to keep winning if they want to make thepostseason. construction is going to be finished up to six months sooner than expected. the bridge leaders say they'll be able to have the east and west access routes to the new bridge open at the same time. a little simulation shows new detours put into place in may to make the transition. the task was no easy feat, but bridge leaders say finishing the complicated process sooner rather than later is a priority. the bridge is expected to be open in late 2013. and that is the good news. now to commuters. we'll check in with mike. >> the commute is still working. we have a nice easy drive on the approach looking really good for a friday.
5:51 am
pre-friday light as well. i say windy for the bridge, but it could be wine did. here's my simulation here. animated going around the berkeley curve heading to the incline. no backup on the toll plaza. a smooth drive up the incline. watch it, we have a wind advisory over the bridge through the s-curve and heading to treasure island. the wind could catch you. getting into the city, a smooth drive as well. from the peninsula we have slowing near 280 and interstate 880 on 101 northbound. that's typical for this time of the morning, but no flooding reported. we have speeds down to 55 near industry city streets. if you are traveling by sfo particularly around milbray avenue, president obama is in the area and scheduled to leave the sfo airport right about that time. so you may see a disturbance for highway 101. that is very likely. meanwhile, you see slowing over the san mateo bridge. a live look shows the easy drive over there. we'll take a look at the other side of the water. oakland near 880 we have a smooth drive past the coliseum. pretty light right now. back to you.
5:52 am
pretty light there, but, boy, wait until you see pictures from egypt. egyptians are packing tahrir square today marking the fall of president hosni mubarak a week ago. people started to stream into the square and hour ago. there are about a million people there. the aim of the march is to keep the upbeat spirit of earlier protests. mubarak resigned last friday. egypt is currently under military rule with a promise that democratic elections will be held later this year. 5:52 right now. closer to home, hockey mom sarah palin is giving another indication she's out for nation's top job. out to run for it. she told a crowd of 1,000 in new york yesterday that no one is more qualified to be president than a mom. she did not announce her candidacy but did say she'll make a decision sooner than later. palin also called for the full repeal of the health care law
5:53 am
and called on republicans to oppose anything that raises the national debt. it is friday. we have a gadget that isn't even in stores yet. >> nintendo 3ds is the more complex device than it used to be. david young from sony is here with our own scott mcgrew. >> all right. this is kind of cool gadget friday. this is a gadget we have not seen yet and is not available in stores. david young from nintendo is joining me. what have we got here? this is the 3-d ds, right? >> yes, this comes out march 27th. it is the latest, greatest thing from nintendo. >> the top line about this is there's a third dimension to it. i'll get to that in a second. however, it is a much more complex device than it used to be. it used to be very much a very enjoyable toy. this kind of feels and looks more like a computer. >> yeah, we have, of course, been in the handheld game business since 1989. you may remember the gameboy. but with nintendo 3-d s, it has
5:54 am
gone beyond just kids. i have a grown-up audience and the nintendo 3ds is a lot more connected. >> from the by standpoint there's more competition out there than when you had gameboy. ipad is what i'm thinking of. all of a sudden ipad is a gaming device. you have to come back with something strong. >> yeah, right. so the nintendo 3ds is a lot more connected. there's a lot of ways that the gamers can connect with each other to play games. even if they are not playing, if it is just in sleep mode -- >> you are doing a heck of a job avoiding the ipad question. we'll move on. the audience wants to know about the 3-d. you can't really see the 3-d on tv. so they have to take my word for it as far as that goes. it is very convincing and no glasses. >> exactly. you can see full 3-d without the use of glasses. what makes this really special is that you can use the depth slider to adjust the amount of 3-d to make it comfortable for
5:55 am
you. >> give me -- i know my reaction when i first played the game to shoot the targets, it was wow. when people first pick it up and go, they do react, what sort of reaction do they get? >> that is it. the wow factor. the oh, my god, kind of moment. that's why we are really excited that we are going to be able to bring this out to different retailers and different experiences of what people can do to see them for themselves. >> i want to stick this in my pocket but i won't. when is this available? >> march 27th. it is coming in different colors. you have to see it to believe it. >> don't forget to take that with you. >> wait a minute, i thought i had two. >> back to you. >> scott tried to steal one there. it is black history month. and an internet giant is getting behind an effort to educate the country about the african-american inventors who came up with some of the things we use every day. a is celebrating the black inventors.
5:56 am
among those contributed to the black inventors are the traffic light, the folding chair, fitted sheets and the super soaker water gun, which a scientist stumbled upon while doing other series experiments. >> these took time and energy for people to develop. and some of the persons who developed those things were african-americans. >> you can check out all the inventor's individual stories all month long. go to the gay community is happy with facebook this morning. the site added civil union and domestic partnership to status options for user profiles. >> the palo alto couple will recognize same sex couples in the u.k., the u.s. and australia. the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation is applauding the update saying facebook has set a new standard of i collusion for social media.
5:57 am
today is the day to snatch up your tickets if you want to see prince in concert. >> he'll perform on monday and wednesday of next week at the oracle arena. tickets go on sale at noon today ranging from $49.50 to $250. these two shows will be the first west coast stops of his welcome to america tour. still to come on "today in the bay," we'll find out if we are going to get a break from the rain this weekend. christina loren has your forecast coming up. b.a.r.t. opens up a new station in the east bay. she why this is just the beginning of b.a.r.t.'s plans coming up in a live report. president obama is going to take off from sfo later this morning. we'l wcot' ndon his wha nt'comiex up ng on ht isext stop in a live report. ♪
5:58 am
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